A small overview about the history of the city and the canals.

Our town was created in 1621 under the patronage of Duke Friedrich of Schleswig - Gottorf, by Dutch religious refugees (so-called "Remonstranten"), a confluence of Eider and Treene. With the help of this Dutch, who were regarded as excellent merchants and also still very good dike builders at this timehe planned to rise a world trading port in his field of a major in the same extent as Hamburg.

Due to the poor navigability of both rivers, the plan of the Duke was not fulfilled, so that Friedrichstadt remained as a small, cozy and quaint little town with about 2500 inhabitants on boggy ground.

The well kept "Altstadt" was able to preserve their old Dutch face until today. With stepped gables crowned, slightly inclined to the street, decorated with relief gables gives evidence of the origin to their former residents. The greened canals, narrow cobblestone streets, picturesque viewpoints, the small bridges and the colorful gardens will remain unforgettable for you.

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