About us

In 1982 our company started, with the passenger motor ship "Herzog Friedrich", to show the visitors our town Friedrichstadt at its best, by water side.

We were able to expand our fleet up to five ships until today, the latest two are covered and heated. Today we are able to carry up to 345 passengers per hour. Our staff consists almost entirely of the family Prinz so we can be recognized almost as a family business.

Our family and the employees are all inhabitants from Friedrichstadt. We place great emphasis in handling as a family - this leads to a harmonious working environment so that also our guests benefit of this.

Our boats in detail:
F.M.S. "Dannebrog" 65 persons topless
F.M.S. "Doesburg" 72 persons topless
F.M.S. "Grachtenprinzessin" 64 persons covered
F.M.S. "Treeneprinzessin" 64 persons covered
F.M.S. "Vineta" 80 persons topless

To protect the environment our ships are all operated with environmentally friendly fuels and lubricants of rape oil based.

Here is a report about the "Prinzenlinie" from the "my coop magazine"...

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